I didn’t have a watch, but I was watching………watching the existence of my thoughts!!!

As I had yet another sip from my third cup of lemon tea, a sea of thoughts and ideas gripped my mind. The chirping of birds alarmed the superlatives I was struggling with. Nature has always had more force than education.

At 9:00pm, habitual of eating, I salivated in my mouth. The food for thought yet needed to be digested…..the reflexive churning of clichés, zombie like adherence to the rules and a philosophy to deal with.!!

Graphic Designing under the moon lit night made my crafty piece of visualization complete with it.

Simple, yet so gentle……is the full moon! A single piece of advertisement copy yet so complete.

With much spine in the content towards midnight, as we prepared ourselves for the final print out, the heart beats produced the best music in the world. Yet we were puffing and panting….after all, all thanda does not mean coca cola.

Yes Boss! Strengthening and sharing contagious conviction with the team,…. There is no limitation of the nomadic mind, burning the mid night oil, right through dawn.

After all, the client’s brand is different.