The Team

The difference between RUN & RUIN the business is ‘I’. We firmly don’t let this ‘I’ creep into OUR team, because we believe & acknowledge the power of ‘WE’.

A multi disciplinary team of BR believes in the power of synergy i.e. whole is greater than individual. The experienced, creative team with plethora of original ideas; believes in attracting the speeding belief of the customers.

Our success & expansion as a business is entirely dependent upon the people with whom we work & get the work done. The employees are performance driven individuals who place the highest value on customer service.

BR Advertising has a vast reservoir of highly skilled and experienced workforce comprising a creative team of computer graphic designers, artists, visualisers, copywriters, marketing executives and financial consultants.

A rip- roaring team of Graphic Designers is excellent in producing special effects like morphing and warping. Visualisers give a cutting edge to the designs for best results. They have a passion for detailing and commitment that helps them push the boundaries of Creativity.

Marketing Team infuses life into brands and nurtures them to grow. Account Planners figure out the ideal marketing plan and strategy best suited for your brand. And Media Planners choose the best deal to increase the advertisement absorption in least cost with maximum eye fall.
BR considers Human Resource as the most prized assets of any organization, so it’s natural for BR Advertising Service to continuously hone employee skills, knowledge, expertise and aspirations to fruition.

Every member of BR Advertising Service is passionate to battle out this creative arena with a sincere commitment to anticipate and understand the client needs.

BR Team is a perfect blend of
• Graphic Designers & Hand Artists
• Visualizer & Copywriters
• Marketing Executives
• Client Servicing Executives
• Financial Executives
• Media Planners
• Account Managers

Last but not the least……........YOU!
Because your tips form the base of our campaign.