The Agency can boast of having the complete & latest infrastructure as far as designing and servicing is concerned with complete legal software support.

The Agency has twelve nodes with all the latest peripherals at its disposal. All the designing work from simple Tenders to Ads involving meticulous designing is done on the best & latest computers (Wipro, HP, Apple) available with the best & legal softwares with high resolution laser printers (HP Laser A3 Printers, HP Laserjet 1300 - 2400 DPI) and using HP coloured scanner (3670 series 9600 DPI).

Broadband connection (Email: facilitates instant transfer of files to clients as well as to publications which in turn facilitates publication of important & urgent ads on time. Fax Machine (0172-4646087) is also installed to facilitate communication. Worth mentioning is that the agency uses legal softwares (CorelDraw & Photoshop) for its designing requirements and for agency management (MS Office). This way we keep our clients legally secured from all bodies checking piracy in India. All the designs thus prepared by us for our clients cannot be questioned and have legal authenticity.

The clients servicing executives have been provided with mobiles to have a direct access to them to help communicate fast. The Agency also has a fully equipped Library which comprises of design books, reference books and CD’s to facilitate creativity in designs.
Upgradation of infrastructure is a continuous process at BRADS.