Accreditations & Awards

BR AdS believes that performance needs evaluation for better results.

BR is fully accredited with The Indian Newspaper Society (INS), New Delhi. Thus, BR has the privilege to release any advertisement in any newspaper of India. INS is like the BIS certification for an advertising agency and is the basic proof of its credibility and work authenticity.
It is worth mentioning that BR AdS got its INS accreditation in the least possible time (temporary and then full accreditation) – a litmus test for its quality and competence in performance.

BR won two awards in the 1st Bhaskar Excellence Awards 2010, the first ever award ceremony organized for Advertisement Industry in Chandigarh. Such accomplishments serve as a testimonial of work culture at BR.

This is the cumulative result of our dedicated & professionally qualified work force which churn in efficiency to bring desired & best results and thus generate ‘response-evoking’ marketing campaigns. Performance aided with complete and latest infrastructure and use of legal softwares help our designers and think tank to work to the best of their grey matters – producing best communication results as well as keeping the clients immune against design piracy and other legal checks.

Giving the best to the client is the mantra to all accreditations and awards, we are sure.